This is a very releasing and balancing treatment of the feet and lower legs. Thai
Foot Massage has been practised for over 2000 years in Korea, India, China and Japan.
It continues to be practised and taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand. This treatment works on similar principles as Reflexology – applied pressure on specific points of your feet to stimulate your internal organs, encouraging your body and mind to balance as well as activating your body’s natural healing mechanism. However your therapist will use a specially designed stick as well as her hands.
It is very effective for people who spend lots of time standing up or feel your legs could deal with a little pampering. The treatment is combination of strokes by hands – massage and pressure points (more deeper technique). Your massage will be performed with you laying on your back and clothes above your knees. After treatment you going to feel your legs really light and much relaxed.


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