Myofacial release is a specialised stretching technique used by physical therapist to treat clients experiencing a variety of problems involving soft tissue. Research studies on myofacial release have shown this form of therapy offers numerous benefits to patients suffering from muscle pain or soreness, and often is used to treat those with arthritis and fibromyalgia.
Fascia is a thin tissue in you body that covers your organs and also surrounds your muscles and muscles fibers, both the fibers and the surrounding fascia become shortened and feel tight. This typically creates a feeling of unevenness that can result in pain and other symptoms that actually can be transferred to other seemingly unrelated parts of the body. Myofacial release is a gentle stretching of the muscles and fascia, intended to release this tightness and restore balance. The therapist will guage how the patient responds to this stretching and use the feedback to guide the rest of the treatment to find the sore areas, called mayofacial trigger points.
This massage is rather technique performed without oil and its more to compliment other massages.