You are looking on our page as you are either thinking or needing a massage. And that where it should start from “ME TIME”

We are Yorkshires 5* Premier Clinic for massage therapy only, who will pamper your Body and Mind.

Our Clinic is here to help you. We specialise on muscular and tissue pain problems, whether sports orientated or the most common problem in people’s life STRESS. Maybe you have a trapped nerve, tension in head neck and shoulders or an old injury that is giving you pain.

Because we are “Hands On” we only require little preparation, this saves you time and money right from the beginning. We listen to you first, familiarize ourselves with the problem and take a natural realistic approach to your needs.

Why we stand apart from the rest:

  • Purely massage treatments in our clinic

  • Believe in maintenance more than luxury of your body

  • Competitive prices

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Each massage is specifically adapted to your needs. Our aim is to bring the best result possible. We also offer early morning or late evening appointment to work around you.

In today’s world people seems to forget about themselves and neglect their own needs. From family, work to social life. Maybe is time to STOP and have some ” ME TIME” for a change.

Imagine today that you stop for a massage and get your time to be PAMPERED. Get home from a long day. Open the door of your home feeling a million dollars again, body full of fresh energy and mentally ready to take on the world with a big smile on your face. That is the extra special treatment we offer that sets us apart from all the rest.

Here are some pictures of our rooms..